“I AM HERE, IT IS NOW”: a practical approach to meditation in today’s world

“I AM HERE, IT IS NOW”: a practical approach to meditation in today’s world

Meditation Sessions, practical relaxation and beyond

The need for a simple and easy practical relaxation in today’s world has never been so important. With the rush and strains on people’s time and space, making space for us as individuals has never been of greater need. Yet, it is what actually allows us to truly live a good quality of life: self-nourishment, self-care, self-love, self-time, inner connection and so on. Much is said about meditation and the abundance of available “information” could be confusing and overwhelming to most people thereby discouraging them from pursuing a truly beneficial practice. In these sessions, all the complexity and overwhelm is stripped away to barest minimum and the essence of meditation is worked on in a soft and gentle approach.


Beginners (30 mins, EUR 5 pp, ps*)

Learn and do the basics of body relaxation. Quieting the body, automatically starts to tap into the quieting of the mind (done with a certain cyclical / rhythmic frequency).

Get into the rhythm of slowing down / stopping in an easy-to-do, few minutes a week (at the session) and see if you can gradually integrate the practice into your daily life / routine over time without pressure or in a way that feels out-of-reach, but rather in a graceful, soft and gentle way, as if playing a little game.

Learn about and explore what meditation is and can do for you. Dispel any myths and explore the power that already resides in you.

Note: with regular participants, these sessions could be enriched by learning what works for the group and helps the facilitator move from a one-size-fits-all approach to a what-size-fits-you (group) approach.


*pp: per person ps: per session


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