Meet The Djembe

Meet The Djembe


Meet The Djembe
    * * * * TUE (or by Request) Djembe Classes  * * * * 



The name of the djembe cones from the saying “Anke djé, Anke bé” which translates to “everyone gather together in peace” and defines the drum’s purpose…

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How To Participate

To Reserve Your Spot:

Send WhatsApp message

OR SMS to  

+356 77081777


Notes of Kindness:

If you have your own Djembe, please bring it… 🙂 [thank you]

If you have more djembes, let’s share with others… 🙂 [bless you]

After the class, you are free to stay for the TUE jamming session, Heal With Rhythm (at the same place) – be free to invite other people and ask them to bring other instruments as well (WA or SMS  77081777  for more details on this as well) [let’s have fun and co-create MAGIC]

Sharing is Caring: please invite others and spread the good vibes around [thank you and bless you]

WE are looking for more djembes to grow these sessions (please get in touch if you know of some great deals for djembes – 11″ or larger) [* You Are A Star *]


For further information click here to check out the:

FB Event Page


About Norman:

Norman Cristina B.Ed. (Hons.) Music and E.M.Y., I am so joyous and happy about music-making and learning. 

Through piano, percussion, singing, composing, conducting, drum circles, many workshops, team-building and more, 

I just love connecting with people.


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