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Practice does NOT make perfect;
Practice makes PERMANENT;
Perfect practice makes perfect.

“Norman’s performance was phenomenal! He is very professional on stage and his focus was always directed at entertaining and captivating the audience. Moreover, working with Norman was a delight. He was very easy to work with, organised and very positive about making our event a success. Fabulous presentation and Let’s Do It Malta look forward to having him entertain us again!”

Let’s Do It Malta

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Simon Borg has recommended your work as Music. Drama. Events Host. Corporate WorkShops. Courses, at www.NormanCristina.com.

Dear Norman Cristina,
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Details of the Recommendation:

“Norman has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients that makes him stand out from the thousands of freelance Musicians and Presenters. He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests in his work. Norman would be a great hire for any job listed above.”

Service Category: Music, Presenter, and Creative Workshops
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Learning Music with Norman Cristina (Mr. Norman)
Robert Vella’s Experience…

There is no price which can be placed on a teacher who is
willing to patiently listen to your goals and hurdles,
and construct a plan around them.
A plan, which he then skillfully guides you through.
Norman Cristina is such a teacher.Robert Vella, Mosta
(After BVT’s first session)

Hi James

I hope you are well. I did my first session of BVT with Norman on Saturday and it was really great. I find the information/classes really helpful not only with presenting yourself in a big group but also helpful with everyday life in meetings, talking to clients, ect. Thank you so much for referring me!

Warm regards

Chandelene Steyn

At the end of the BVT course…
“I did the BVT course with Mr. Norman Cristina and found this extremely helpful not only in my BNI 60 seconds but also in everyday life. He points out things from what should be obvious but we forget – such as stand up straight, remember to breath, how to breath and so forth. Then he also delves into the less obvious with such passion that you want to know more and want to apply this! The course is a structured flow of information – working towards a goal. I would recommend this to anyone in the BNI or who works with people on a daily basis! It is definitely worth your time! “
Chandelene Steyn, Co-Owner, RED Advertising and Design Studio