Norman Cristina B.Ed. (Hons) Music and E.M.Y., musician and music teacher with special training in Salzburg; plays piano and percussion and has experience in a number of genres (including among many others Jazz, Blues, Irish Folk, Gospel [bandleader of EnKor and VOCA]). Norman was in the first drum circle of Malta, with Renzo Spiteri, worked with Mousse Ndiyae from Senegal, performed in various percussion groups including at the opening of the Valletta 2018 Capital City of Culture (V18 CCC) in Birgu; he led the percussion section under the baton of Tim Steiner and conducted Citizens Orchestra (Mewga Muzika) during V18 CCC. His musical involvement and contribution spans various projects from workshops to team-building events and conferences, short film sound tracks and more… For more info: (read text to the right of the photo here above)