Flow States

Thank you for your kind words:


“It brings light into all the chakras

I felt it connects with the root chakra and really awakes the feeling to dance intuitively.”

World-Tree Anne 


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Dear Norman thank you for the music 🎶 piece. I listened to it last night and I fell asleep so it made me feel safe and calm. I listened to it this morning again and I felt joy and love 💕 bless you dear soul really nice and uplifting 🌈



It was Friday, the 9th of April 2021 and Flow States extended and got fuller and richer through the beautiful energies of Agnes Jenei and her appreciation of the process and the music. Below, is an earlier version for those who would like to experience the process or progress.

I am in awe and humbled to have been chosen as the vessel to birth this magnificent piece of music that is not coming FROM my but it is coming THROUGH me.


I have been channeled the piano content… but I am also being called to extend this work for a larger complement of instruments, possibly a full orchestra… the channeling process is happening in stages.


Re Flow States

“Wow! What an outstanding, beautiful piece of music, the vibration I felt was very high, it start at the heart chakra, went through the throat, and up to the third eye, and then repeated in a cycle over and over again, at one point I was crying tears of joy, of the bliss I was feeling, I could hear and feel my heart beating and feel my blood flowing through my veins, I had to close my eyes and just go with it, in a meditative state, I felt very close to God…..beautiful, exquisite, thank you for sharing it with me”

Joo Lee



Before expressing my gratitude for the stimulus to this channeled piece of music, I would like to show my deep deep appreciation for the feedback that I’ve been receiving for this work that I’m doing to bring this music to the world.

It comes in spurts and takes a lot of energy out of me to process but the reward are amazing! The effect on people is unbelievable and I am encouraged to pursue despite challengers with equipment and technological stuff.

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My name is Adrienne Haggerty and I’ve just listened to Normans piano music. It was a treat to listen to his music. A true artist!!! I’m honored to call him friend and his gifts will not go unnoticed. He’s a true blessing to this world. This angelic music should be shared with the world. It pulled out emotions with how in awe I was of the music. Thank you Norman you’re a hidden treasure that has now been found. Divine blessings to you my brother. 




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* Gratitude List *

I hold the deepest gratitude in my heart and whole being for this outstandingly amazing life event, with thanks going to a long list of people including:

Gilbert Ross, Stefan Cutajar, Anabel Attard, Marco Ahlgren, Ramon Agius, Agnes Jenei…

…to my guides, to the angels, ascended masters and all good beings who support me, protect me and assist me on my journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment…

…and, of course, to myself for the self-development and inner work (physically, emotionally, spiritually and more) that I have been doing for decades to come to the state of being open and ready (technically and otherwise) to connect, to flow and to receive the information (downloads).


The music is heavenly. This is huge! I haven’t heard something so beautiful in a long long time. What a masterpiece! You are blessed. Hope it will be played widely for many people to hear and enjoy. I couldn’t get enough of it.. Played few times.



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Should you feel called to write a few words / short sentences about how this music makes you feel, please do and please send them over to me at: mailmrnorman@gmail.com. Much gratitude and appreciation.


This was the then latest and fullest version of Flow States as it stands on THU 11 FEB 2021. It is approaching completion, as it seems to date.



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