BVT (Basic Vocal Techniques)

BVT (Basic Vocal Techniques)


Course Grads: Compliments and Congrats! 🙂

(Who’s done BVT…? Who’s on their way…? Where do YOU wanna be…?)

Chandelene Steyn (RedCreative Studios), Michele Yianni (Future Insight), Tracy Lange (Salt Partners), Jeffrey Romano (Clever Solutions), Marquerite Steyn (Red Creative Studios), Gordhan MohnaniNotary Keith Calleja, Ruby-Anne Cauchi (Chi Consultants), Simon Bharwani, Matthew Sammut (Frank Salt Real Estate), Tiaan Steyn (Red Creative Studios) … YOU?


What is BVT…?

B V T: Basic Vocal Techniques (for speeches)

Understand Your Speech. Work and Build Your Speech. Improve Your Speech.

Covering the topics of Posture, Breathing, Speaking Mechanics & Mechanisms, Content, Various Approaches, BVT is designed for the accomplished and the novice alike, consolidating knowledge through observation and practice, working individually on participant’s needs and (speech) requirements.

Coursework is essential and is a requirement of future sessions.



Hi James

I hope you are well. I did my first session of BVT with Norman on Saturday and it was really great. I find the information/classes really helpful not only with presenting yourself in a big group but also helpful with everyday life in meetings, talking to clients, ect. Thank you so much for referring me!

Warm regards,

Chandelene Steyn



What you get:

+ a full 10-week programme of learning, studying, practicing and coursework

+ 5 live 1:1 sessions of approx. 60 minutes each

+ of personal attention with  Norman

+ understanding the structure and dynamics of your own voice as well as of the speech itself 

+ preparing your speech-producing mechanism well

+ flowing the energy effectively

+ taking care of your “engine”

+ content is key: less is more; hit hard and long-lasting

+ learn about how to make your speech memorable, funny, cool, hip, direct, effective, long-lasting and more…

+ work on isolated skills and build up a repertoire of tools available to you in combinations of each other, thus making your speech/pitch always unique (if you choose to)


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