Intro and Context (Why take this course?)

  • Playing the djembe is more than banging your hands away on the instrument! Whilst such a statement might still not yet be obvious for some (hence starting out with that sentence) the actual subtleties and details might not be as obvious and their importance / effects not yet so understood.
  • In this kick-off course from the series “Djembe and You”, you are taken through the starting processes and gently led to get yourself up and running in the right way with an approach that verges on the spiritual.
  • This approach can actually be transferred to the playing of nearly any other instrument (especially of the percussive type) as it starts to go into the connection between the human being and the instrument. For an even deeper approach to the Djembe, please stay tuned for Djembe Club. In the meantime, why not join Djembe Lovers, our FREE community? :=)

Having said that, you are now in a great place to get going, so…

What’s included ? 

In this kick-off course beginners start their journeys, intermediate players can revise and strengthen the basics, whilst more advanced players get to give themselves the gift of space to go deeper and take a more spiritual, as it were, approach refining their own practice.

Topics include:

  • Fundamentals such as posture, relaxation, placement of the human body and the instrument itself.
  • Basic tones, possibilities and combinations and positions, finding the sound of your djembe (instrument) and bringing it out. (requires more than meets the eye).
  • Some attention to physical exercises to practice so as to match your playing.
  • Your first pattern or groove is then enriched by using ghost notes (improves with practice and relaxation).
  • A second pattern shows you a simple technique for creativity.
  • Practice tips, assimilation and special practice routines round up this first course in djembe playing: the kick-off towards the rest of the journey (there’s more in the individual videos, even in casual speech).

From here, you are invited to move into Djembe Flow, then group and strengthen. More about this in the coming courses.

Who should take this course ?


  • Djembe enthusiasts all around the world. Djembe students of any beginning to intermediate level or even further, should the participant wish to experience a more “spiritual” approach to the playing of this beautiful (and sacred) drum with a rich rich culture, context and history.
  • Anyone who wishes to engage in an educational, entertaining activity, something to take up as a hobby, pass the time or divert attention to, especially in restricted countries during 202x until the current world situation is resolved.
  • People who have low to medium djembe-playing experience who may wish to ‘revise’ what they learnt and prefer to secure the basics in a way that gives them a strong basis for future growth, expansion and development.
  • More “advanced” players can use what they know to go back and go deeper, using the paced and spatial / spiritual approach for their benefit.



May I join even if I do not have a djembe?


Yes, of course! You may use an upturned bucket, a tarbouka or an other single-headed ‘drum’ of sorts to start your journey. Nothing short of your own desire to make some sound should keep you back from getting started right now.

When do we meet for lessons?


At this stage do not physically meet for lessons. The course happens through watching videos. This you can do at ANY time and on ANY day that you wish. Please do share this opportunity with people with limited movement and restrictions, especially of the extraordinary circumstances of 202x.


I can do lessons online, but I prefer to meet in person. What can I do?


That is perfect! It is how things are supposed to be. Besides current world situation, we may live in different parts of the world. Through my project – The Djembe Experience – besides the free community (Djembe Lovers) you can become one of the founding members of Djembe Club. Here, I support members on a more personal basis. Should you want to take things further and do lessons with me (in person or via internet) please do get in touch here.

About Me (Who am I ?)

Click here for a short BIO about me.

Besides the above, I am a proud member of ADEM (Arts Dynamics Entrepreneurs Mastermind) founded by Sofie Marin. You can find out more about this by clicking here.

If you are an artist yourself (or know people who are) please do yourself (or them) a favour and check this out or share this link.

How Does It Work?


  • If you want to kick-off your journey into the wonderful world of djembe-drumming, I invite you to Get Started Now and get your Djembe Beginners’ Course right away. Following a successful payment, you will receive emails with video lessons on a regular basis and some bonuses thrown in for added value and inspiration.
  • You are invited to SHARE this course with others and towards the end of the course you are invited to provide feedback of your experience so that I can improve this course during my re-branding exercise (see further below for more news about this) for yourself and others.
  • Once this first course is over, I invite you to stay in touch and, if you feel so called, to help and support me and the growing community of Djembe Lovers with my project – The Djembe Experience – and the unfolding of the next step: Djembe Club.

I look forward to welcoming you and your djembe to the course :=) 



Get Started Now


Ready? Let’s get rhythmic! 


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Message from Mr. Norman (course description)

Hi there!

Thank you for popping by and checking out this course.

It is my desire to reach and serve millions of people worldwide with this – and I’m just getting started.

I could easily have titled this description in the usual cliché wording such as “learn how to play the djembe in 10 easy lessons” and similar phrases, but I would not be serving you well.

This course does way more than just teach you about djembe and how to play it.

Besides covering the basics of position and posture, tones, first patterns and grooves, and so on, in this course, I take you on a journey to discover your own sound on the djembe, offer suggestions for healthy practice and more.

I decided to go for more than a mere physical approach to the playing of this special drum. Even at such an early stage, I believe I should offer you a direct approach with your instrument that does more than just get you started or get you playing – it gets you instantly placed in the right direction and on the right path towards further solid advancement in the playing of your drum.

The approach verges on a spiritual experience and, in some ways, it may be said that I include a somewhat meditative and respectful manner in my delivery.

And, for those who don’t have a djembe as yet, fear not: even other items can serve to get you started ! :-))

I have humble beginnings, when I started playing percussion in the backside of a stringless guitar, and, tapping in a way that seemed to be skilful and artistic, I was encouraged to get my first percussion instrument: a pair of Bongos!

So, even if you have a similar chalice-looking drum (e.g. Tarbouka) or another single-head drum, or even a bucket-turned-upside-down (or perhaps these water dispenser bottles!) you can get started right away and get going with your rhythm-playing and kick off your journey into the wonderful world of music and percussion!

Rhythmically yours,

Norman Cristina