Djembe Club – Founding Member Launch – Landing Page : notes


Hello and welcome to The Djembe Experience! 🙂


My name is Norman Cristina from MALTA, the “tiny” island with the BIG heart ❤️ 


Thank you for taking a look at my project.


The steps of this unfolding long-term project are in action and are fuelled by your kind support, sharing and, of course, by members and the value I provide them with each unfolding step in this vision.


The Djembe Experience (TDE) started in AUG 2020 with Djembe Lovers (DL), a free community of people with a love for the djembe. The group is growing and the energy is gathering.


On TDE page and DL group, a monthly meditation using djembe – Djembe Om 🕉 – is on every third week (usually a Saturday) of the month. This has seen increased viewership and success thanks to support received.


The whole project has been going on for months and months with a lot of work and preparation:

from idea-conception to vision to design to planning to setting up to start working the connections, recording, posting, sharing, setting up systems, applying for others and set the whole works in motion and a whole lot more behind the scenes…



it is now time to starting thinking of launching the idea out there in a more structured manner and to start delivering further value.


The next unfolding of my vision is the membership subscription with benefits beyond those of the free community. This membership is called Djembe Club.

Whilst Djembe Lovers, the free community is a good starting place, you will not wish to stay there too long before you start accessing even more content and value from the unfolding of my vision! It is my hope that the free community keeps on growing and gathering energy that helps raise the vibration of humanity and that it feeds Djembe Club. With this happening, even more becomes possible.


At Djembe Club, we get to go deeper inside ourselves so that we can go deeper with our Djembe.


Benefits include:


Bonuses for Founding Members of Djembe Club:


Bonuses for esteemed members of Djembe Club:


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