Djembe Om 🕉

About Djembe Om 🕉 

Djembe Om 🕉 is a monthly, Live-On-Facebook-delivered, worldwide encouraged, meditation-with-djembe led by myself working through a special pattern each month. The session includes the setting up, calming down, coming to silence, centre-ing, controlled breathing and setting of an intention. During the session there is ample space and time for participants to practice… I interact with them as if they were next to me…. 

Djembe Om 🕉 is part of the rhythm and flow of activities on Djembe Lovers (the Free Public Open Group), all within the unfolding of The Djembe Experience (page).

Tune-in on the group: Djembe Lovers & invite your family, friends, relatives and contacts to join us, watch, play, pray, meditate with us and share the event as far and wide as possible; thank you ☺️ 🙏 😊 

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Djembe Om #9

Coming Soon … on SAT 17 APR 2021


Djembe Om #8

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Djembe Om #7

Djembe Om #6 SAT  16 JAN 2021

Djembe Om #5 SAT 19  DEC 2020

Djembe Om #4  Sat 21  NOV 2020

Djembe Om #3   Sat 17  OCT 2020

Djembe Om #2   Sat 19  SEP 2020

Djembe Om #1   Sat 22  AUG 2020