Music and other WorkShops by Mr. Norman (SUPER SHORT DESCRIPTION)






Creative Sound Experiment

This is an open class in which people with as many different types of instruments as possible and voices come together in a relaxed and informal environment and make “music” in a very non-academic way. Using symbols to mean easy-to-understand-and-produce sounds, the I facilitate the creation of sound-scapes that are fun and intriguing.

I draw on my years of experience in music, music-teaching and my training in music and movement/dance, to deliver the content. I also use techniques I learnt from my Music and Dance Education: Orff Schulwerk (Salzburg, Austria) and from my involvement with the Arts Council project of the Citizens Orchestra and the Valletta 2018 Foundation project Mewġa Mużika.


Percussion WorkShop:

(Mixed Percussion) 

Using various percussion instruments to build a unique piece of music every time.

We learn many skills that serve in music and in life.

Working within parameters that lend themselves to an enjoyable session of fluid sound-creation, listening, self and group expression, team-building and stress-relief that only music can do!


Body Percussion WorkShop series

We do not need much to enjoy making music. Our bodies can become beautiful percussion instruments (like a drum set, sort of). Add to that some movement and group work and you have a winning combination.

Experience the Mr. Norman clap that the Philippine children from the Bataan project did on TV with Mr. Norman on Mużissoltu 🙂 and much more…


Drum Circle (same drum each)

We are ONE. Especially when we drum together in a tribe. A very powerful workshop which trains us in music, rhythm, and in life. Musical conversations reflect real life ones. Group dynamics are the perfect parallel from music into life.


Sound & Silence WorkShop series

Level 1, (level 2),…

The beauty of silence may be more than that of sound. But the sound is POWERFUL! … A fun and powerful workshop. Great let out in today’s stressed out life! Ideal for anyone who use their voice (tour guides, actors, teachers, public speakers….)


Music & Drama WorkShop Series x4 sessions

Learn various skills and exercises in drama and make a piece of music for the audience. All in 4 sessions. Enjoy. Trust. Work in partners and in groups and more…


African Music WorkShop Series

Using songs from the African culture, Mr. Norman weaved a series of sessions to explore and immerse into this culture, to engage in the themes and values through the fun and joy of music… for children and adults alike!

Available in 2 versions:

As a Mother And Baby Music Sessions (a course)


As a workshop for adults


Good Vibrations

An interactive workshop series that use the power of gratitude to outflow good vibrations to friends and loved ones and to an increasing number of people as the workshops advance.

5x Series Workshop. Sending GOOD VIBRATIONS to people. Use the power of Gratitude. Has strong Multiplier Effect. Friends & loved ones. Uses Music for a higher purpose.

The series progresses in content, building upon previous sessions, accumulating energy and strengthening the participants as a cohesive group (team-building).


Musical Concepts As Applied To Business

In business, as in the arts, we are “performing”. Thus all elements in operation when performing apply to business (& life, too, really). Tone, feeling, volume, pause, speed, texture and such like elements are all at play in our movements, looks, appearance, eye-contact, general demeanour, as well as in our speech when dealing with others…


Music @ Work: An Inside Approach 

The effects of music are too widely and loosely known to those of us well into music and little or nothing at all to those not so in-contact with the awesome power of this gift, this energy, this tool. How we perceive, process, interact with, channel (direct), and “use”, music affects not only us directly but also our immediate and indirect environment, from plants to pets as well our own human activities, movements, tasks, dealing with others…


Mother And Baby Music sessions of two workshops courses: (Mozart) & (Africa).

These workshops foster creativity at the earliest possible ages and opens up people to the safety of creating and having an own identity. Quite a NEW and UNIQUE concept in Malta.


Mother And Baby Music Sessions (Mozart)

Starting from the music of Mozart as a signature tune, used as a warm up and a little choreography that builds over the sessions, each session explores various skills and techniques based on simple musical concepts that everyone can do.

No musical or education knowledge is required by participants. Fun. Engaging. Interactive. Stimulating.

Sessions end with modern pieces of music used to build rapport between mummies and babies.

N. B. In respect of daddies and all forms of parenting, the word mother can be substituted by father as desired.


The Citizens Choir

Stimulated by the experience of the Citizens Orchestra, the Citizens Choir was the most natural follow up project that was set up to keep alive and take forward the work and experiences enjoyed during 2017 and beyond.

Thinking of music in a non-academic way, the Citizens Choir explores the use of the human voice in ways and directions new to Malta and the predominant culture to date.

Not being tied down or associated with any religion the Citizens Choir embraces all. All religions. All cultures. All walks of life. In harmony. In unity. Respecting all.



Drawing on a long list of experiences and trainings, both locally and abroad, various team-building sessions are customized to serve the needs and requirements of the company, the group, the situation, the aims of the session etc.

Be it a conference, any length of seminar, retreat, or whatever event type, Mr. Norman creates fun, engaging, interactive, holistic and mostly sensorial exercises yet with ingredients of thought, self-/ reflection, observation, compassion and consideration, teamwork, universal intelligence, usability or limitation and so on….or a choice or mix….as required and designed.


Energizer Exercises

With a similar philosophy to that of Team-Building, specifically, Energizer Exercised are intended for particular points in time where perhaps a boost in energy levels is required. Typical moments include:- after-lunch during day-long conferences, as a break in between sessions or change-of-topic or frame-of-mind during conferences, seminars or retreats and similar.


Compèring / Presenting

With a famous Maltese actress with s 51-year career as a grandmother, a drummer and dancer for a grandfather as well as performing family to be born in, and Mr. Norman himself an experienced musician and music teacher….

….compèring and presenting events and TV slots on the local scene, gave Mr. Norman the necessary background to offer more of what he’s good at.

Research. Design. Planning. Running order. Understanding the needs.

Finding creative ways to deliver content in public settings and in various formats, makes working with Mr. Norman an experience of high energy yet structured approach to the job with the attitude and consideration of a “performance” of sorts….as, after all, all of life truly is!