Ready To Open The Gift

Ready To Open The Gift?


The present moment is a truly a gift and, as such, it must be opened.

In these sessions we will start the process to unwrap the gift and access the present contained in the moment.

Join me on Mondays at 6PM for a beginners’ class in Meditation, where we will learn the basics required to prepare well (unwrapping the gift-packing to get to the present). This involves allocating time, ensuring safety and gifting ourselves the time required. Really and truly it is nothing complicated but in the mad world of today, it might feel to us as if it is…

…over time, we will all benefit from supporting each other through this journey and things will most probably become second nature (then, at that point, we will probably marvel at how we could live otherwise ;- ) )



Sessions are at least 30 minutes long, give or take a few minutes until we all settle-in and wrap up. You may want to carve out AN HOUR of your time so that you have ample opportunity to prepare, benefit and get back to your life.

It will probably help to plan on joining 5 to 10 minutes before start time so that we minimise on waiting time and can be as efficient as possible for the benefit and respect of all.


Joining is SAFE and EASY


(1) Click the button of your favourite payment gateway for the minimum contribution


(2) Send me a WhatsApp Message with your details (see below)

I will send you a link to join.

Please DO NOT share that link so that we keep the session attendees ONLY to those who intend to join the class.


Click Here, first:-

To book a session, kindly send the minimum contribution to one of these links:




In your minimum contribution, please use the code: HNB, so that I can verify that you are requesting to access this session and not any other event that I serve.



How to get the link to join?

Once your contribution is confirmed, 

Please send a WhatsApp message to +356 77081777, quoting the above code, your name and surname and where you are based (country you will be joining from)

Once your code and contribution are verified, you will then receive a message reply with the link to join the session.

Your name and surname are important so that you can be admitted into the session: we try our best to minimise unwanted intruders into the space for meditation.

Please DO NOT share that link so that we keep the session attendees ONLY to those who intend to join the class.


Why Minimum Contribution?

I realise the importance of meditation and wish to hold space for the largest number of people to benefit from this simple yet effective modality for improving out quality of life. 

In time, I may have to use paid services to deliver sessions, market and reach more people and to upgrade my technological equipment.

In the light of all this, any additional contributions, tips, donation etc will help me to serve more, do it faster and more effectively and all benefit.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and support.