(Something About Me And What I Do)

By profession I’m a musician, music teacher… By experience, a composer, public speaker*, tv presenter, workshops facilitator.

* can deliver/teach if required

Have quite some experience in all above areas and have done various jobs and activities, including sales, network marketing, etc.

I taught Piano, Theory, Ear Training, Body Percussion and Drum Circle within the voluntary project: Music 4 The Philippines. And also arranged, played and conducted the mini orchestra for the 2017 Malta Concert. References: Peter Paul (Tribali) and Lindsey Mallia (cellist).

In 2016 I ran two TV slots:

(1) a Music-slot on a Friday-evening TV show called 20:30 on Xejk TV (featuring people from all / any walk/s of life and connecting them with music); reference Paul Galea


(2) a Monday afternoon TV programme slot (called Muzissoltu) TVM 2 (featuring rare/not-so-common Musical instruments)

I created an event called 🙂 GOOD VIBRATIONS 🙂 (can be found as a fb page) which I’d like to run more times in various places, also abroad due to the content and effect. It has a powerful positive impact on society at large. Inclusion. Focus. Energy. Positivity. All-welcoming are all concepts embraced and worked with during this course.

Over recent years i developed a number of workshops.

+ Two are corporate in nature (Musical Concepts As Applied To Business)


(Music@Work: An Inside Approach)

+ Six are musical in nature / design, but have been used to address requirements such as the exploration of LEADERSHIP and SELF-AWARENESS, as for example by the Beta Psi, the psychology students organisations at the UOM.

These are:

Mixed Percussion

Sound & Silence

Body Percussion

Drum Circle

African Music workshop series 


the Music & Drama Series


Super Short Descriptions as well as fuller material is available for all the above workshops upon request 

(See MAOW: Music And Other Workshops)

Team-Building events / workshops etc are something I am very passionate about (have done workshops, been part of team-building events and conferences). See MAOW for further information.

I have also run Mother And Baby Music sessions of two courses: (Mozart) & (Africa).

This fosters creativity at the earliest possible ages and opens up people to the safety of creating and having an own identity. Quite a NEW and UNIQUE concept in Malta.

My music playing experience is growing, performing locally and abroad, solo, in small groups and with choirs. I’ve experienced various styles of music including, pop, rock, soul, funk, gospel, jazz, latin, Irish folk, 60s, blues… (keys)

YouTube links:-

My piano solo (improvisation) in a concert put up in 11 days, casting 7 strangers and resulting in 100mins of music in 10 different styles:-

Enjoy flying notes on a 1965 song by Sam And The Pharaohs, called “Wooly Bully”:-

Speed that tears my skin: my fastest piano solo to date, on a favorite bluesed-up song from the rock n roll era: Good Golly Miss Molly:-

Making Music from objects:-

A newfound instrument, I nicknamed the Chi-Nà:-

Second experiment/object:

A Gazebo…


Formed part of the Citizens Orchestra, helping to lead the Percussion section. Full concert here:

I would love to collaborate with DJs in duo-ing with percussion or keys.

In 2016, I composed my 2nd short-film sound track (Goldfish De Vallette); the other short is: The Lottery Ticket

GoldFish De Vallette

Trailer has my voice:-

(N.B. Both short films had totally zero budget which of courses poses qualitative and other limitations); also, it cost us money out of our own pockets!

As a character I’m quite generous and a team player. Happy to start things off that take on a life of their own and grow beyond what I can imagine, and set up movements to do good.

Am very joyed to be involved in educational / musical projects, maybe as a coordinator, manager, consultant etc. Having time-flexibility and happy to work on a sub-contraction basis, I am happy to accept projects on a flexi-time basis.

I served as government representative on the board of directors of the MSA, the Malta Society of Arts from 2014-2020.

(Kindly note that this is also unpaid work)

A past member and committee member of ToastMastersMaIta, I used my natural disposition for Public Speaking to share and continue learning and improving my own skills and experience.

I was involved with the School Of Invention where I delivered modules in:

Personal Development (through Music)

Personal Communication


Creative Thinking

Within this context, please find: CreoLabs and CreoMinds.

The word creo, coming from Latin and meaning “i create” had me conceive CREOMUSIC, which is totally in alignment with a project by Ondamarela planned for Valletta 2018.

Whoever knows me personally, knows /

As may have been observed through knowing each other, I am quite passionate about music and its promotion, education and proliferation. I would love to connect further and discuss openings, possibilities and opportunities for avenues of collaboration.

An opportunity for Music Shops and Car Vendors:-

Project #DjembeVan

Currently seeking to:-

Do more

Serve more

Teach more and Train The Trainers

And, of course, get paid!

About all of the above

Ideally I start things off and move on to new projects…

Also, seeking to sell my own products:-

3 Books (Go Overs, Poems About Music, PIE*)

2 music albums (series of tracks)

And to further develop:-

Go Overs as an App*^

A book / story series (self reminder : HOM)

My own music composition projects (e.g. TBOMT sound track to a book)

A special music product (re Maltese music)

*^ I asked for a quotation breakdown for the APP; currently awaiting reply

Have an attraction towards:-



Multiple Streams of Income….

Internet Marketing….

….and would like to learn more and build such a portfolio in areas / industries that generate value to people and society (conscious business and empowering people and similar)