After Care Document for LET IT OUT … TO … LET IT IN

This document aims to assist participants of LET IT OUT … TO … LET IT IN sounding (voice) workshop. The below After-Care points emerge from the experiences of participants over the many sessions delivered to date. It would not be possible without the kind feedback and testimonials of those who do the work. To these beautiful souls I am deeply grateful.

Special Note:

Some effects described below may not start immediately – there are instances where participants started experiencing effects 24hrs+ after the event; and processes could be quite profound, taking days to integrate and complete.

You might experience any of the following or a combination of:

(1) releasing Darker Urine; during the workshop we tend to release toxins which may be excreted via the urine which may darken its colour;

(2) having increased or even profuse Yawning: a great sign of releasing and relaxing; you may wish to rest and rejuvenate your body temple;

(3) experiencing increased or profuse Sleeping: another great sign of good work having happened during the workshop and, similarly, please do take care of your body temple and give it the rest and down-time it is asking you for after a great workshop.

Some warnings / recommendations include the following:

Please do take good rest, do not stress your body and pay attention to any signs you may receive from your body (rest, relax, rejuvenate, reduce / eliminate over-stimuli [e.g. social events, meeting people etc]). 

This may be a time to benefit from some solitude and personal-time, perhaps to meditate or listen to some soft, gentle, relaxing music or be in total silence (whatever you may be drawn to that recalibrates you);

Listen to yourself (ask the truth to come in): during beneficial activities as just suggested here above, you may wish to do this and really listen to your “self”;

Tune in to your body and be mindful of any signs, signals, nudges, insights, intuitions that may be coming in to your consciousness;

Further feedback is always much appreciated and is warmly welcomed either sent to me personally in order to respect privacy, or else, if the author is comfortable with the content it may be shared HERE.

A good thing to remember is that you might not release (or manifest) what you originally intended to, but, as we all know, the universe / life / the bigger-scheme-of-things is more “seeing” and this may result in us releasing / manifesting what we need the most at the time. But, most probably some something WAS released and some something WAS manifested: of that you may need to trust 🙂

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