LIO T LII (physical) [4th Sunday, monthly]

LET IT OUT … TO … LET IT IN: Release To Manifest, is a physical in-person gathering for souls who are in the island of Malta to do the FULL 2-3 hour  sounding workshop (using the inner-power of one’s OWN VOICE) in an energy-conducive weather-proof location.

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Meditation (Mondays, weekly)

Every Monday night, Malta time (GMT +1), Norman delivers an English-speaking version of the Light And Sound Meditation.

More information may be found here: (check if you resonate);

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Power Of Intention (approximately every 2 weeks)

Associate and country ambassador of the (Vax) Control Group, Norman regularly delivers sessions on POWER OF INTENTION which can be found here (both as past webinars as well as future sessions):, head over to Communities > Community Events.

Learn more about the world-wide study: (now shifting to

Watch a presentation from the founders of the (Vax) Control Group,


Music And Other Workshops

Other workshops available from Norman can be found here:

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Learn Djembe

For souls willing to explore their inner rhythmic potential on this wonderful click here:


Public Speaking 

To boost confidence and raise the bar when speaking / serving others, click here:


1:1 sessions of various types

Piano, djembe, singing, music-in-general, coaching and more are available.

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“If no one hears you, you don’t exist.”

“Being able to express yourself is an important part of being alive.”

Paulo Bennett (Yogi Paulo)

Malta Poets Society (Online Open Mic) [every 3rd SAT of the month]

In 2017, Yogi Paulo instituted the Malta Poets Society as a way to give people a space to openly share, connect with like-minded and like-hearted fellow humans through culture (poetry, prose, spoken word, art, music, dance…).

Following his passing, Norman leads this FREE event.