LET IT OUT … TO … LET IT IN: Release To Manifest


L E T   I T   O U T  … T O … L E T   I T   I N :  R e l e a s e   T o   M a n i f e s t 


ATTENTION: The Description AND the Registration Form contain NEW information and details; and a special thank you section…as the workshop evolves so do the requirements…


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Thank you for joining on SUN 25-02-24, we had so much fun “Oooo…!!” (photos and videos on the WhatsApp group chat)

SUN 28-04-24 @ 10:30AM – 13:30PM (approximately)


Dates for this year (to help you plan in advance – please note that time may change / shift according to the season: it is best to check a few days before):-

SUN 26-05-24

SUN 23-06-24

SUN 28-07-24

SUN 25-08-24

SUN 22-09-24

SUN 27-10-24

SUN 24-11-24

SUN 22-12-24


(all details in the registration)


Amongst the long and increasing list of benefits claimed by participants:-


+ vanishing back pains (several participants)…

+ a feeling of “clearing up” of heavy energies…

+ totally forgetting that they came TO the workshop in severe pain (barely able to walk properly; and needing a lift to actually get to the location)

+ an overall feeling of “cleansing” (probably energetically) 

+ improved rapport between parents and children

+ connection with the ancestors 

+ stunning similarity and wording with other energy-healing modalities around the world (with ZERO connection between the workshop givers)

+ several manifestations (see only ONE example here below but there are several more)

+ a feeling of floating (more than as if in water)

+ how would YOU like to feel at the next LET IT OUT … TO … LET IT IN…?


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From sceptical to manifesting a Swiss watch…

Damian Dzengo
The first time I joined Norman’s “Let it out to let it in session” I was very sceptical. I was wondering how a sound therapy where you use your voice could help with healing or even manifestation. I honestly thought it was kind of an “Abra Kadabra” method, where you just have to convince yourself into believing that it works. But I decided to give it a try after some good friends recommended the session.
As I joined Norman’s “Let it out to let it in” session for the first time, I realized the benefits of Norman’s sound therapy instantly. Even though I didn’t intend this to happen during the session when I was progressing with the voice exercise, I suddenly visualized all the goals I created for my vision board one year before. I knew that thanks to Norman’s workshop, I was closer to realization. Just a month after the session, one of the goals I visualized manifested, and I was able to buy a luxury watch from a famous Swiss brand that I put down on my vision board table. I am grateful for Norman’s work and for sure I will attend again, as there are still many things from the vision board that I can obtain faster thanks to Norman’s help. I recommend everyone to join.
Damian Dziengo CEO at Bestsalesboost.com

: : Introduction : : (full description with details of what to bring, how to prepare, location and other details is in the description)

A voice / sound workshop to help release and manifest. Learn and apply body posture for most effective results when sounding.
Silence is far from empty – it is very full and very rich: learn how to use it to “allow”… Get yourself (and your mind) out of the way to release and manifest.
Sound is way more powerful than most are aware. Silence (and stillness), even more so! … in this workshop we have an opportunity to harness and use the power of silence and stillness to reap the fruits of our own work when sounding.
And, of course, we enjoy some playfulness with some simple yet effective musical ideas.
Follow the aftercare suggestions to integrate your experience, and take the most out of your engagement…

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