BVT 5 Tips to Speak Steady (1)

BVT 5 Tips to Speak Steady (1) 


1) Standing correctly can multiply your natural speaking volume.

Yes, precisely, standing up the right way can amplify your voice significantly enough to raise your confidence, give you a stronger feeling of your own presence and you can, physically, sound louder. The total effect will be one of power and strength, and, of course, volume. So, turn on the “volume knob” of your voice by using correct standing and body posture.

2) You control your message (& to some extent, your audience) with your breathing.

Your breathing paces your speech, regulates your speed, determines your power in the communication of your message. Being aware of your breathing depth and your breathing speed gives you the ability and control you desire and need to handle your words, phrases, sentences …the “paragraphs” and the “pages” of your speech. The flow, an ever so important feature in your overall performance is a direct result of your breathing. Use this great tool wisely to your advantage and message.

3) Last tweaks to what is actually transmitted to your audience…

…although the source of your message is life, experience, resources, your own preparation, and, physically-speaking, your body (diaphragm, lungs, vocal cords etc), the final moments before the sound actually comes out of your mouth, it goes through your throat and to be actually “thrown” out into the air, it requires to go through/from your mouth. Caring for and knowing how to use the chest-throat-mouth trio can go a long way towards producing an effective and captivating speech.

4) Have a plan… Have a destination… Enjoy the journey and your own driving…

…in preparing your speech, tracing out a plan, with a clear point of arrival to move towards, ideally stated somewhere close to the start of your speech, is necessary. Also, important a factor is the enjoyment along the road. As has been said many a time, stop to smell the flowers along the road…take a moment to observe the beauty of the lighting, the colors etc. and, relish and empower yourself in the knowledge and appreciation of the fact that you are in control of all this.

5) Use your eyes and ears effectively… Learn from others… Observe… Take notes…

Besides your own self reflection and self-observation, the next best teacher is your observation of others. Pay close attention to every feature you can think of… From the dress, the walk, the posture, breathing, use of tone, volume, texture, vocabulary utilized, phrases, quotes, cliches, movements on or off stage and more… You may wish to allocate a special journal, notebook or diary to achieve this, collecting it in one place for ease of reference, focus and clarity.


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